Poem By Robert Lawrence

Everyday of my life I wait for that special girl.
The brightest of angels, the most promising spirit.
But she lies on the other side of the island. Separated
by a river of impatience. It flows forever just like the thoughts
in my mind. Disturbing thoughts and trembling dreams.
Accompanied by an undeveloped picture.
It was never perfect. Just like my life.
But when I look into it I see
the brightest of angels, the most promising spirit. And then the book closes. It contained all the memories we could have shared. Those undeveloped pictures. The spirit promised
me it would get developed. But the promise was broken.
And that's how we got separated. Inches from the Photo Shop,
my fate in store. The earthquake breaks the island in 2.
The pictures crying the river of impatience.
And I'm crying. I never saw her. I was too lazy and slept in
when time was crucial. I still need sleep.
If I wasn't so tired, I'd run after her.
Because at the rate she's running not even my dreams can catch her.

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