Picturing Peace

Picture a meadow
sheathed in snow.
Imagine the glow
of a rainbow
arcing toward the sun.

Now picture the world at peace.
Nations sit down to feast
on the bounty increased
from west to east
by proclamation.

The picture is blurred.
How absurd,
they say. But I’ve heard
from the battle injured
and from the dove

that it’s worth the time,
it’s infinitely sublime,
and hardly a crime,
to want to climb
toward universal love.

The fairy-dust of a dream?
It would seem.
But like gold dust's gleam,
sparkling in a Sierra stream,
it shines. It shimmers.

by Sonny Rainshine

Comments (2)

This is one of the best poems I have ever read, you have offered such hope and a real way forward.We do not click our fingers to see world peace, we start with a dream.Love this one. Absolute 10 from me, Love Duncan
Hey Bill, I loved this, it's very well written. As you mentioned to me, we are very detached from the suffering. Although that brings me comfort, it also pains me to think of those who are not so lucky. I guess until those in charge with their own plans and interests actually start thinking about the common folk, we shall just have to post poems here, and hope that the world is reading and thinking and dreaming with us.... :) Best wishes, Aisha