Piddlin’ Chores

It’s the day after day piddlin’ chores I mind
they always take up so much of my time.
Polishing furniture is never much fun
notice how quickly the dust will return!
Cobwebs all reproduce in the night
while I sleep, upstairs out of sight.
Over-filled garbage bags, I truly hate
to get them removed, I must always wait!
The laundry pile’s huge—It blows my mind
the harder I work, the more I get behind!
Loved one’s belonging all left to lay
hoping I’ll come by and put them away.
Left-up toilet seats—I simply can’t stand
‘though time and again left up by my man.
There’s always another forgotten glass
waiting for me to pick up, as I pass.
Take vacuuming; now that’s really a chore
more dirt comes in when they open the door.
Never-ending piddlin’ chores make me tired
yet, I have no hope of ever being fired!

by Bettie Jean

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