Do you like Pie? Well so do I!
It was junior high when I found pie,
We hit it off and we're so fly
I eat my pie on the fourth of July.
Pie is my best friend
we will be friends till the end
Shove it in my mouth, so i dont gotta reply
to all you haters; you should give it a try.
Why do I love pie so much?
Because it makes a good lunch to munch
It's my support crutch, and it goes great with fruit punch!
Apple, cherry, banana cream
All these flavours make me scream!
If you try
and steal my pie, it will poke out your eyes and then I'll sigh!
So I ask you again, do you like Pie?
I sure do, so I bid you good-bye.

by Boobob McCurdles

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bah ha... key lime...
omg i like pie to: p haha, uummm interesting write lmfao