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Piece Of Me
Kathryn Garner (May 10,1991 / )

Piece Of Me

You’ve twisted my words to say
The cruelties you can’t let fade away
Begging within my eyes
Watching this train wreck die
A survivor, a fault among your scheme
Who wakens hearts with her dry scream

Give me a glimpse into your plans
Give me a hint so ill understand
Why you left me in a hole
The very hole, where my soul
Used to reside
Until it was ripped away, stolen, died

You cut out a piece of me
My heart, and sit and watch it bleed
Pondering over the fingerprints, the scars
The bruises that have marred
Something so deep in me
Why wont you f****** hate me?

Kiss me, miss me
Hate me, break me
Love me, be done with me

Don’t touch what you don’t own
But now I don’t even own
The pulse that beats within me
The heart that bleeds within me
Scars for a heart
Stitches so it won’t fall apart
And like screams that it can’t hate me

The scars are memory
Built into me
The reminder only I can see
Scratching up the inside of me

Violated deep inside
In a part I believed had died
And the taste is vile through its course
But I still love you of course
The demons in my mind
Have made me believe a lie
Have mad e me live a lie
Till I’m a tangle in your web
A piercing screech inside your head

I promise that you hate me
There’s a promise that you made me
Keep so deep
Inside till all else has died
And for every lie I’ve lied
Part of me has died
I’ve been trying to save the rest
So I’ve taken on this loneliness
Protecting you from the truth
Because I have no other use
Till I make you hate me
Till I let you break me
Or until I let you take me

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