Piece? Or Peace?

We all want a diamond piece
But very few seek for peace
With retaliation in mind
How will we find
The peace of mind?

Do you want peace?
There will be peace
When at least
All wars cease
in the Middle East

When there is peace
Happiness does increase
When there is peace
Nightmares decrease
When there is peace

The dead rest in peace
Still want a diamond piece?
First, let's make peace
Then you will get the diamond piece.

December 25,2015

by Rosie Bourget

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Comments (3)

Even the dead will rest in peace. Nice work.
Lovely poem with a substance to think about 'When wars in the east..... And conflicts cease.... Even the dead will rest in peace'. Thanks for sharing.
Nice piece of poetry, an excellent example of peace compared to a diamond piece.....rated 10+