Pieces Of A Pill

Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

I popped one vicodin
to erase my sins,
atleast for a short while.
I'll be too tired
to walk the last mile.
When I gain back my strength,
I'll walk that little length
and find the fire that still burns.
The world still turns
and I still live,
but what matters most
to me is that I have the power to give.
I won't put out this fire,
it exists in my heart.
Burning away the bad,
it's keeps the good part.
I walk and extend my hand
because if I don't the world is bland.
I try to teach the people to love,
but sometimes they murder
wearing leather gloves.
They strangle out every piece of dignity
questioning our beliefs in any divinity.
Letting the blood leak onto our scriptures,
we paint the most vile and destructive pictures.
We kill for God, we kill of Allah.
We should only kill to protect ourselves.
Not when we're jealous that is where hate dwells.
Put on your clothes and go take a shower.
Just know this you are killing every flower.
A flower is a person that gives us light.
A flower is a person who will never fight.
They comes from trees and regrow every year.
Pick up yourselves now and erase your fear.
Know that our minds are stronger than anything we possess.
Read this and be a witness.
Of what is good and what is right.
Think about this all through the night.
Know when you wake up you'll find out there is much more.
Realize this before your foot touches the floor.
Goodnight with love and good night with peace.

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