He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He loves me, he loves me not, what am I to think
At first I thought he did but now
I wonder if he even cared at all
He was my everything, my dream come true
I didnt think this would happen this way
But I guess you cant control everything
I knew he loved me
I felt it when he looked deep into my soul
He would look me in the eyes and tell me I looked beautiful
I believed him
His eyes told me I could trust him with anything
Even my deepest secrets
I told him my dreams
He told me his
When I was scared or afraid he told me everything was going to
Be okay and it was
He promised to be there when I was hurt
I told him I would be there for him
He said he would die for me
I told him to shut up
He said he would save the last dance for me
And walk me home while I held his hand
He told me he would protect me from anyone
Who tried to hurt me
He would show me pictures of things I liked
And tell me things I wanted to hear
He told me he loved me
I told him I loved him too
And I ment it
Not just with my heart
But with my everything
Where has all the nights gone where we
Stayed up all night talking
Or the night we kissed for the first time
When you said I was beautiful
And said you would be incomplete without me in your life
I was the beat of your heart
Where have all those moments gone
Why are they not still alive
How are you still living without me
So do you really love me, or love me not

by Emily Elisabeth

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