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Pieces Of Me Soon To Fly Free In The Wind
S ( / NYC)

Pieces Of Me Soon To Fly Free In The Wind

all I wanna do is break
fall to pieces on the floor
just like my heart and soul
both did so long ago
I am nothing but a meaningless shell
and shell that is ready to crumble
I no longer wanna stand tall
I no longer have the urge to fight
I no longer have the strength
I am starting to crack
my shell is finally starting to crumble
I will soon be on the floor
the winds of the world will soon come
to blow away my shattered pieces of what used to be a person
for that person once was me
maybe they will reach the same place
that my heart and soul blew to
for then many at least I can be whole again
for I will have all my pieces at least
oh how nice that would be
to be whole again

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for as many times as the heart burns to the ground, its the bridges that rebuild it, not the walls, i think, or hope, or maybe it should be like that, who knows these things gregory