TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

Ballad Of The Power Couple

She's the first thing I see when I wake

She's the last thing I see when I go to sleep

I'm the first thing she sees when she wakes

I'm the last thing she sees when she goes to sleep

Even when we're not together

I love teasing her, physically and mentally

She takes it and gives it back to me as hard or harder

I'd rather take her jabs than another's kisses

She'll always revive me sweetly, anyway

She makes me wait forever getting dressed

I used to complain but don't bother anymore

The Pout No Man Can Resist will diffuse any situation

That and her sexy lip bite will melt you on the spot

We turn heads everywhere we go

Antony and Cleopatra

Bonnie and Clyde

Romeo and Juliet

Everyone knows they're seeing something special

The electricity we bring to any room is palpable

The tension has been known to be cut with a knife...a butter knife, no less

The walls themselves sweat

Our location is always Where It's At

I get off on seeing someone hit on her

When a poor sap gets too close, out comes the polite Finger Wag of Doom

There's nothing to worry about

We know where we stand with each other

We play footsie under the table while having dinner, even at our folks

I kiss her while she's on the phone with her friends

We'll neck in the elevator for those few seconds

Any chance to get intimate will be seized

Sex is fantastic, but a bonus

Like the extra features on a DVD

Great, but not the Feature Presentation

Oh, who am I kidding?

Sometimes I want to throttle her for being too prissy

Throw her out, or through, a window

She feels the same way about me and my stubbornness

Yet we love each other for those exact reasons

When we fight, and are apart, the Yearning nearly kills us

The knot in my solar plexus is indescribable

I know that she suffers, too, but I take solace that I'm not alone

It's an ember of hope that keeps me going

My friends love her

Her friends loathe me

Not my fault their boyfriends aren't as smooth

Let them hate

I write for her

She sings for me

I've crooned for her before

She's tried writing for me

We now know to keep our day jobs

If I'm sick, she's sick

If she's sick, I'm sick

She brings chicken soup and gets in bed with me

I happily do the same

She'll watch grindhouse with me

I'll watch Sex and the City with her

Actually, I won't...I have a great way of pretending like I am, though

Damn, now I gave it away!

I would walk on fire for her

Slay dragons

Part the Red Sea

She would only need to Pout for me

I see my children in her eyes

She knows we'll be together forever

Only one thing could possibly come between us

by Yoni Assis

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