Pieces Of The Past

I wrote you a letter today
To tell you I miss you terribly
This is the story of my life
And our romantic tragedy
The letter is written in my journal
And it may never be sent
This letter explains everything
But you wouldn't understand what I've meant
My words are all blurred
From all the tears I've cried
I'll keep the rest of these words in my head
I'll bury them deep inside
There are cuts on my wrists
And scratches down my back
Memories still burn my eyes
I can't just let go of the past
You were my everything
And theres a lot I want to say
Some things never stay the same
And some things never change
Heres the letter that I wrote you
Clutched in my shaking hand
Held in my chapped palm
With hope that you'll understand
I put it in the mail
With your address and a stamp
Darling please remember me
We need to pick up the pieces of the past

by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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