Piercing Nerves

Walking in fear
Observed today and done.
Is becoming an accepted act,
Enforced upon everyone.

With freedoms being diminished,
And peace less used is shunned...
Democracy isn't as quick and easy,
As a way of life to come.

Hoodwinked and duped,
Sitting on curbs and front door stoops...
Inner city urbanites fight,
Sacrificing an involvement...
To save a lost drained youth.

Daring with hustled ambitions,
To gain a respect they dream...
With fast cash and flashing baubles,
Lay soaked in streams of blood
On streets unsafe, cruel and mean!

Pop! Pop! Bang! Bang!
Driveby shots from guns are heard.
Walking in fear and ducking stray bullets...
Shattering hopes,
And piercing nerves!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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