Piercing Noise

My head is splitting and it’s tearing me apart
This piercing noise is straying my lone heart
Distracting me from what’s right and wrong
Confused and losing sight to where I belong
This noise is killing me a little bit everyday
Losing my grip on reality something has me
I am blinded trying to find the right way
Tripping on life’s steps stumbling into a tree
The tree speaks to me and shows me the path
But the noise led me to somewhere rather daft
A sword comes whistling down above
It was the legendary sword of lost love
I grasp the sword and I regain my sight
But the noise wouldn’t go I scream in pain
This power can’t help me but I see light
The sword shatters shards go into my brain
The noise has stopped but another thing I have gained
Pitch black, deafness, loss of feeling has me all drained
I say my last words in relief the noise has stopped
The splitting has eased but life in me has dropped
The wolves have devoured my body I am gone
But the memory of me will never die it lives on
Say what you want about the blind man who didn’t see
Blinded by light and consumed by darkness lost the key

by sam, corrupt S, finley

Comments (1)

well get on your hands and knees and find it again sam! lol springs to mind. Very intense poem, I like it when men pour forth unadulterated truths, but is only a truth if you chose it to be, we each have our own, ask any artist! 10 from piercing noise maker! Tai