PCC (January 9,1936 / Bronx, New York)

Waterfalls Deliverance By Gio Masserati

Waterfalls Deliverance
Baptize me under your running waterfall of escalating bliss
renewing my sensations to the calling of your sweet summer aromas
I plead for the glow of days beating sun to rise up through me
and beam across the swollen eyes
of skies that tell no riches of deep untapped wisdom

Blue calmness elevates the vast vision you possess
all that is seen on the blurry edge of worldly knowledge
suffocating souls in churching places
arrogant narcissism in endless selfies and due attempts to fill soul with lies of spiritual godliness
godlessness bowing to another master then bowing to the gods

deceit to deceive
charmed in their cunning
in leui of the 'God'
sold oneself
repeating the fall in the garden of eden
tasting without regard

Return to your love and look up from your technologies
grasp His eyes to see the truth in wisdom against the unseen battles of deceit
rest your wasted weary heap and eat of the fruit that nourishes your quenching thirst
let the hand of nature peel off the stain of filthy dying flowers and lying sack of roots
replace that soil with truth divine

get up and carry on

hearts weeping
those cleansing tears replace your fears from lifestyles hand of beating
then after you have shed last tear
and taken in the Father
Stand up in Strength Baptize your mind
let His word fully Transform you

now Purified and clean in heart
begin your walk of planting seeds wherever you are led to go
in gardens forests by waterfalls
Sharing cleansed witness of Renewal

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This is an incredibly moving and powerful write. Sincerely I thank you for sharing this.