(1948 / OVER 400 POEMS SERVED! !)


Walking near home,
North Carolina tobacco country,

I came upon a great sow,
must've weighed a ton or more,
dusty, pink and human-like
and so afraid of me,
cringing there in the dust
where she was rooting
as I tried to reach out and pet her.

I could see her struggle,
wanting me to come close
but not quite able to trust.

Oh, piggie, I thought,
Your owner's beaten you,
and you can't come
out of your shell,

and sadly, all I could do
was utter some loving words,
throw the dear a kiss,

and continue on my way.

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Comments (2)

I agreew ith Declan that this is a little different from a lot of your work, but it works. I like the almost child-like tone you've employed, it adds to the poignancy. Hugs Anna xxx
A sad piece Max, removed from your usual observations.