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Piglet & Poo
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

Piglet & Poo

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Incredulous tears falling down my face,
Even though I know you'r in a better place.
Melancholy memories intruding my thoughts,
Beginning to remember the things I forgot.

I can feel myself falling apart at the seams,
Growing further more from my dreams.
Wanting you here to tell me its Ok,
But if you were I wouldnt be feeling this way.

I try to think of something to make me smile,
But becoming more depressed all the while.
Sissy, your gone and I was left here to cry,
God took you from me with no alibi.

I remember when you came over one day,
Unable to hang out but just to say...
'Your My Piglet, Im Your Pooh,
Your My Best Friend, And I Love You.'

With just those words running through my head,
I wrote you a note in which said...
'Im Your Piglet, Your My Pooh,
Your More Than My Sister,
But My Other-Half, Life, And Best Friend Too.
So Sister, I'll See You Soon.'

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