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Pigs Can Fly

If some one tells you that pigs can really fly
Would you tell him that is a blatant lie
Or would you tell him that it may be true
Your statement though seemingly outrageous some credence is due.

Many adults believe in a heaven and a hell
Though that's something that parents to their children tell
To scare their naughty children saying you naughty girl and boy
An afterlife of heaven you never will enjoy.

What your political leaders tell you do you truly believe
Even though to them 'tis harder to tell the truth than it is
to deceive
How gullible at times we all can be
The truth in blatant lies we only see.

We allow our phobias to be filled with fear
Suppose we only believe what we want to hear
By so called honourable people to we have been lied
The truth from us they only choose to hide.

You may as well believe that pigs can really fly
And like birds do enjoy the freedom of the sky
Since our political leaders us often deceive
And the blatant lies they tell us we believe.

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