Wish Of Mother Earth

Wish of Mother Earth

1 am the origin I am the shelter
Smallest of the particle and billions of lives
Nurture the existence, day night and every second
Don’t ruin me may not exist in the universe, for your cause

Clean you decorate you and beautify you all
Brings charm and fascination every day in your life
Absorbs your wastes within my self
Don’t add more of grime
May become ugly stinking and loose my grace.

Provide food water and air, to run your life
Reciprocate me this much
Could do my duties and obligations all the centuries ahead

Beautiful sky rivers Oceans and mountains
Are for your adventure amusement and recreation
Beautiful flowers trees and gardens
All adds fun play and pleasure in your life
Be this much kind, this beauty remain in abundance
For all the generations to come

You have acquired so much of knowledge
Shaken my limbs by exploding bombs on my surface
Don’t add more to my pain
May become handicap and won’t be able to move
Again will become hot and may find difficult to keep you survive

(Translation of My Hindi poem Dharti Maa ki Pukar)

by Santosh Sharma

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I think it's amazing that Charlotte Bronte put such thought and insight into a women only mentoined briefly in the Bible. It's a very poweful poem and I like it very much. :)