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Poem By Anonymous Still

should have taken those pills
The docs said they would silence my mind
For how funny would they make me numb
And would make everything so artificial
Have you ever tried being happy with the help of those goddamn pills
Have you ever felt the weight crushing your shoulders
The breath sucked out of your lungs
Your hands starts trembling
And no no let me tell you the reason
You gotta go to a class
Just going to class being so much work
For those who don't know this is the anxiety
The pill was to silence the voice sitting on the head of my deep buried happiness
But have you ever felt going into the deep black hole
And thinking maybe you won't be ever to come out it
You starts shouting so loud
But ha! ha! none is listening to ya
Everyone is saying STOP OVERTHINKING and get outta it
Oh man! how easy! !
I wish it stopped by saying a four letter word
But pill o pill! you would do the wonders
You would get me out of the black hole
But leave me hanging out on the brink of it
Who would help this wounded soldier walk up to the light
so much so That the soldier does not even to fight
or what his soul used to be and may be don't want to write! !

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