Pink Jeans

Poem By Noorie Ali

Pink jeans White shirt
Looking so hot
Fly like a bird
Wish i wish I could flirt
But then when I'm in love I cud get hurt
It's what I've heard the world is bad
Half is happy while half is sad
It's a mad world with insane heads
It's in his memory thi pain is what spreads
Like a wild heart it sheds blood
Pink jeans White shirt
Likewise if I get burned
Match lit
I'll sit in a place
Fit into a box
With closed locks
I will listen to the sound of earth when it rocks
When the clocks chime
And it is time
For the angels to come over
I will shine with one eye open and thi other closed
Lashes all flutter butterflies all over wisteling
Pink jeans and White shirt
It's a smoking place but no dirt
Cut the chase and ask me out
I ain't sceard I'm ready to come about
Give me a signal if your single
Give me a shout
I know it's not a clumsy world with lazy eyes
All open with open blue skies

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A masterpiece! Thank you very much for this outstanding work of art.You're a fantastic writer I have enjoyed reading your work.Really inspiring.Appreciated.

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