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Pink War
LJH (1-14-91 / fullerton CA)

Pink War

Poem By Luke J. Holt

ancient wars were fought by men over women
water cloaks cold steel
oil curls at the breast of a candle
an ember probing the hard dirt for friends
just shit
carving swords to make bath-tubs red
thrusting shields to stave bitter, unforgiving javelins

Revenge sounds like the name of a tragic opera
Suicide sounds like the name of an electric floral medicine grown by god
Lucifer sounds like the name of a sheltered library nerd
flowers are examples of natural drama
the moon is a voyeuristic boat in the sky
who has attended every funeral and has peeked at every kiss ever given

this year was a century
until it was shaved in half by a cold and pink war

how sickly a peptic, watered-down pink can be
when it isnt softest skin or the land before birth

war of tissue

i am sorry

the winter rises a queen

and the Lady King is safe from the whitest inferno in our lifetimes
the snow will sparkleharm and glittershit until all that is unclose may die
overstuffed strangers fill their coats with spiny clouds from the ceiling
dont hog the Owens Corning
i too must cuddle something

i spit something rust-colored into your tea and stir
i will show you why the human heart is referred to as God s open wound

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