Poem By Solomon Bright Dankwa

Feather light wings that float softly through the air tickled by specks of dust.
Bright white light inflamed with pink and laced with gold.
Raising flowers, changing seasons,
singing in high pitched voices that only children can hear.
Little tiny people in little tiny clothes.
Pink, White and Baby Blue,
Only innocent eyes can see.

Pink nail varnish, Pink lipstick, Pink eye shadow, Pink blusher, Pink clothes that reveal too much Pink skin.
Standing on street corners innocent eyes forgotten.
Long ago were the days when fairies were believed in.
Lost memories and lost dreams,
innocence killed, for a life of nightmares and love ripped at the seams.

Comments about Africa.

Can you write about pink like soft and cute aesthetic
I loved this poem so much that im using it for my school project! !
oh that is so cute! ! the 1st stanza is definatly the best
NO! how can you write a poem about polka dots?
Can't you write a poem called Polka Dots instead?

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