IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Pioneer. Storypoem

John Willy was a collier lad
and life for him was not too bad
Until the day that he took bad
and could no longer dig for coal.
He had to fill his time somehow.
He found life boring on the dole.

He had left school soon as he could
because it was then understood.
Lads followed Dads just they should.
John Willy was a clever lad
so he returned to studying.
He seized the chance he never had.

John Will chose to study law,
that no pit lad had done before.
He finished with the highest score.
He was awarded his degree
and worked for a solicitor.
For several years successfully.

He became well known to the courts
and took on cases of all sorts
and never sold his client short.
He very rarely lost a case.
His success was phenomenal.
For pit lads are a hardy race.

The time had come to specialise
and he had come to realise
That men who suffer injuries
Should sue for compensation
and make employers pay the cost.
This caused great consternation.

Amongst the greedy coal owners
Prone to cutting corners
and exploiting their coalminers.
They were content to let men die
Because they chose to penny pinch.
John Willy thought he’d show them why.

His client had an injured spine
a family man of twenty nine
Who had been injured down the mine.
John Willy proved successfully
Poor safety practice was the cause.
The mine owner was found guilty.

The judge decreed that he must pay
compensation. Paving the way,
for health and safety laws today.
Employers know they must obey
rules laid down by government.
Because John Willy led the way.

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