Pioneering Poetry-Racketeering Buccaneers

An advertisement in black and sickly orange,
stating “Be a pain” illustrating this maxim by
irritatingly flashing every five seconds and
hurting my eyes by its despondent colours

Certainly this thing is a pain that awakens an
animal in me, ready to pounce on the screen
and pounding it into bits; what a shame that
management decided on painful black

And an insulting orange to torment all innocent
readers and browsing strangers; all I hope is
that dwindling readership numbers will bring
insight and understanding to the colour-blind

Muddle-minded, eyes-on-the-financial horizon,
buccaneers in management!

by Margaret Alice

Comments (1)

I am there in between, war...I think it is not inentional.. they place provoke on screen and close their private box.. no way fight or inform them.. I could not even read you.. this one hit my head too. i wish there is screening...full support for you.. 10 + Rema