Poem Hunter
GS (April 7 1936 / Moe Victoria Australia)


Poem By George Savige

When land was cheap
And work was hard,
They ploughed the ground
With sweat each yard.

They cleared the trees
To plant the fields,
And harvest time
Received it's yields.
Then off to town
With what they'd grown,
And in this way
A dream was sown.

And knowing that
This dream would last,
They bent their back,
Who in the past
Had paved the way
For you and me.
This dream they had...
We all can see.

Those pioneers
Are dead and gone,
But what they've done
Still lingers on
Within our hearts
And in our minds.
We'll not forget
The ties that bind.

Those family ties
With which we be
All tied upon
Our family tree.

So let's be proud
Of our great name,
And never hang
Our head in shame.

Then cast our thoughts
Down through the years,
And thank the Lord
For 'pioneers'.

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