Prime Truth - 90

Pranab k c

two straight lines
can't meet any point
except their
own beginning

two sides
when unbend
no solution
from table talking

commons are the victim
death and destruction
erasing signs of existence
from the land
their promised land
tried to preserve they all
sacred soil
celestial light to be illuminated

eventually emancipation
too far it blinks
rapidly gathering everywhere
the eradication!

by Pranab K. Chakraborty

Comments (2)

Walt Whitman honors the pioneers, those enduring people moving out and settling the west, paving the way for future generations. In Whitman's time, the American west was being settled by people who were adventurous, willing to take risks and rise to unknown challenges, work hard at establishing the future expansion of this country. He admires them and understands their important role in helping provide land and homes for the future of our country.
I love this poem, he has such love for people who are just making a name for them selves, for they are the pioneers