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Piping Shrikes Or Australian Magpies

Known as Australian magpies though in reality a piping shrike
Black and white crow sized birds they do not have a look alike
Birds of every town park and every countryside
Throughout Australia they are known far and wide

Once seen and once heard one cannot get them wrong
The piping shrikes are loved for their beautiful song
They can be heard sing every day of the year
Their beautiful flute like warbling notes always pleasant to hear

In cup shaped nest of sticks with some wire high on a tree
The females lay brownish dotted eggs mostly three
On their breeding Season in aggression they do not lack
And even human beings they have been known to attack

Piping shrikes or Australian magpies as they are widely known
Are aggressive birds with ways of their own
On mice, worms, insects, frogs and skinks and small birds they are known to prey
Often hear them singing at night and see and hear them every day.

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