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Pirate Material #2: Impart Some Important Information

I came here to impart some important information.
Earlier I passed a cop station and spit.
That’s it. That’s it.
Songs done.
No im only kiddin we just begun.
Woke up this morning feelin good
In me pants I had the wood
So I walks down the hallway holding down my cock.
Get to the shower and what a crock
The waters only half hot and im not in the mood to dilly dally all day.
All of the sudden I hear this tickin and a time bomb goes off in my head, and im like HEY.
My fingers turn blue and my face turns red
I saw a white light for a second and then an old man beckoned me into his office while standing on his head.
Needless to say when I woke up from this fucked up dream
I made myself some coffee with sugar and cream. and
Tried to get my veins feelin good again.
Try to feel the veins in my wood again.
Cuz I know if im hard than im still livin large.
Went to the stores and bought a carton of condoms
And a carton of jacks. I planned on smoking a lot
And fuckin the girl of some geezer named Dax.
Pull up the cell see what my boy J’s got for sale.
Met him in the back of the greased up cafeteria
We had previously established the area
And he proceeded to give me the seeds I needs for me mind.
The herb was so fine so I asked him for a dime
And another, and another. Over a period of time.
Then I thanked him. You know for the drugs,
It aint a easy business. Been and done that there.
To learn real English one must distinguish
The difference between Bat and Pat. Dill and kill. Ben and bed.
One letter can make all the difference
And if ya syntax is off then ima been on ya case
Till you replace that nonsense with shit that makes sense to me.

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you are streets ahead in the poem lark reespect