I sing to myself as I swim by my side,
And play in the bubbles that bounce by the shore;
Bright moonlight illumines each scale as we glide,
But never a rock of the ocean's deep floor.
Her glistening water is ours to explore;
In quick-flowing currents we struggle and thrive -
The sea stretches onward but still we want more,
And toss away pearls after ev'ry new dive.

I sing to myself, and I hear myself sing
A song for the stars and the moon and the sun.
We listen as echoes in dark caverns ring -
Too many at first, then they fade into none,
As if ev'ry life were all over and done,
To float like the dead in the belly of night;
Yet we have no fear that the darkness has won.
We turn on our tails, and we swim for the light.

I sing to myself as I dance with the waves,
And feel with great wonder their frothy, white waltz;
We fall to the depths, yet will never be slaves -
For water is wild, but can never be false.
The sea is our refuge, kept pure by her salts,
Her love like the edge of a fisherman's knife -
Beside her wide waters, the bravest soul halts;
She may be my death, but she gave me my life.

by M. Teresa Blaylock

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