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Piss In The Face Of Destiny
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Piss In The Face Of Destiny

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

Cloaked in disguises
In the alley of thieves,
I’m violently tested and seeking reprieves
From tortuous days
Of casual deceptions
And blatant lies,
But Luna and youth
Have disappeared
And I remain despised
By all the suits
And their well-paid alibis.

The loveliest women
Will spit in your eyes,
And the men I trust the most
Refuse to shave
And dress like rogues,
And my best friends
Are always broke
Looking for a lonely lady
With a nice room
And spare cash,
Never expecting joy to last.

Alright, you’re with Nicky
Holed up in a goddamned cave!
But does he read Baudelaire?
Does he lose his fingers in your hair?
Does he cry, lonely and drunk,
Holding the shoes you used to wear?
You’re not going to find
Another pirate like me,
Piss in the face of destiny
To merely touch your wrist!

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Comments (10)

I enjoyed this one very much Uriah! ! Hugs, Dee
Very cool...very truthful and real. Great write.
Unbelievable! ! ! Uriah you wrote this so well...I felt everything! ! !
Damn, Boy! You are on fire today!
Uriah, there was never a doubt that you controlled this poem. You stayed within the parameters you had set and didn't waver. Nice write. Raynette