A Piece Of Chalk (Children's Poem)

Chalk is happiest when the teachers come to him
Because he can chat about all sorts of subjects
Such as astronomy, geography, science and art
Chalk knows whatever you want to know

Chalk doesn’t like to do just one thing
When he is called on by the teacher
And he needs to follow the teacher’s orders
So Chalk hits the students chatting in class
To give them a big shock and stop their talking

Chalk hopes the seed of wisdom grows in students’ minds
And they can improve their studying a lot
If students want to learn about everything from Chalk
Even though every moment he becomes thinner and smaller
At the cost of his life
He still enjoys his work

by Hsiu Lee

Comments (3)

I think every mother could relate to this poem, especially the end of the poem.
i think every mother could relate to this poem and will agree totally with the end especially.
My grandpa told me he tears up every time he reads this. It certainly is a wonderful tribute to the fleeting wonders of childhood and to the heroes and heroines who look after those same children.