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Some people call me a pizza freak
I eat pizz six times a week
Mancinos, Little Caesers or Pizza Hut
I'm in a pizza eating rut
I eat it in or get it to go
Or have it delivered by Domino
Thin crust, thick crust sometimes pan
I eat as much as i possibly can
Pepperoni, sausage or mushroom
About twelve pounds a week is what I consume
My body's a cholesterol making machine
From eating too much of that pizza cuisine
One pizza a week used to be quite enough
But now I've acquired a taste for the stuff
It once was my wife who just had to have it
Now I'm the one with the twelve pound habit
It started with I'll have a small one with cheese
Then progressed to give me one medium please
Now that my habit has reached this extreme
It's barely enough now one super supreme
Just a picture of pizza now makes my pulse quicken
But I see that my waistline is starting to thicken
I have to cut down and I found the solution
One step up the ladder of my pizza evolution
In the past when I put in my pizza order
They cut in eight pieces border to borde
Now I tell them just cut it in four
I don't eat eight pieces of pizza no more

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