Place In This World

Our hearts sadden as we read
about the troubled times of years ago.
Our eyes fill with tears as we watch
movies of the brutal lives blacks once
lived. When men were viciously beaten,
women brutally raped, and children often
Others receivd pleasure from the
wounded one's pain.
Blacks have risen from the tunnel
of hell to mark their place in
this world.
We are appreciated, and respected
by our own and others as we
struggle to keep our place in this world.
Although some achievements go
unrecognized we still go on
building dreams and living each day
full of hope, A dark past never to be
forgotten because of those who
survived and pave a road to our
future and helped mark our
place in this world.

by Gero Lorna

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Wow, amazing Lorna, This is my favorite one of yours so far, there is just so much emotion and raw honesty in here! ! ! So many truths as well!