Your Savior

I take a breathe
And hold it in
Avoid death
Forgive the sin;
I pull you up
Off the ground
Up to the top
Don't make a sound;
Just one more step
'Til we reach the door
The secrets that were kept
Don't matter anymore;
I'm here for you
I always will be
I want to save you
You meant so much to me;
I answer your call
In the middle of the night
I catch your fall
And take over your fight;
And I want to be
Like your guardian angel
And I want to see
Life from a different angle;
No matter what I do
I can't make you feel better
It's really up to you
Just write a single letter;
I forget about my life
When I hear your voice
To help you with your strife
To make a better choice.

by Miranda DeNooyer

Comments (8)

Nicely written sonnet With good rhyme and rhythm. Sylva
The inner sweet of life; and put in word A personal force that doth not pass away. I love these lines. Its a wonderful poem
'In Sussex here, by shingle and by sand, Flat fields and farmsteads in their wind-blown trees, The shallow tide-wave courses to the land, ' loved these lines, would have liked if the poem had continued with nature, without the lords but the deeper meaning was embedded with sentiment and dominant thoughts of the time :)
Do men shape their land or does the land shape the men? Goodwood and Arundel possess their lords, Successive in the towers and groves, which stay; These two poor men, by some right of their own, Possessed the earth and sea, the sun and moon, The inner sweet of life; and put in words A personal force that doth not pass away.
liked it... Thanks for sharing
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