Places I Don't Know

Poem By Gencay

Places I Don't Know...

Time is a great strategist or tactician. What he puts us up against is just to distract us, and when he distracts us, he sets out his own plan.

The best thing he knows is to do it and break it down. He'll make us work like his slaves and wear us down day after day. It destroys our soul, our psychology, it crushes us. He takes and destroys our loved ones, and he is also a great teacher.

He's patient, he doesn't rush. It turns us into a candle, a candle that we think is illuminating or illuminating someone, something. It's a hoax, actually. While we think of ourselves as a shining sun, we have become a melting ice drop by drop.

Our lives are on fire. Our suffering burns our hearts, we burn as we live, we bleed, we weep. But most of the time we don't realize, we don't think, and we go to work every day just to survive. Does that count as living? I don't know. But at the end of it, we'll freeze to death. Why are bodies so cold? I think the answer to that question is, ;

"To live, to live! Overburden! "

Because everything that Burns goes out one day and it gets cold, it gets cold. One day the sun will freeze and the Earth will freeze. Why? To live, to live!

Where there is man, there is time! Man is the creator of time. If not man, where is time, where is life, where is the universe, the Earth and the sky? Everything is there if we are there, nothing is there if we are not there. We all know it I guess. Because there are many great people and geniuses in this world that time has cultivated. His teachings will always be our guide.

I think time is precious to man. I'm not the one to tell you who should judge how. But I will spend my time, aware of how short he is, reading books, listening to music and drinking and smoking. I've tried a lot of things beyond that, I've done crazy things, I've tasted a lot of things, and I realize I don't belong in those things.

Now we know we can't take our lives off us, we can't change our Destiny. We can't see the mystery behind why, what, and how. Then keep the sky in place, the Earth in place. I mean, we live in this world, we exist in this body, that's all. Only our world and ourselves should concern us, the universes to their own home, we to our own home. They didn't say it was wasted, married home, peasant village.

So I thought the best thing to accompany my journey was books, music, booze and cigarettes, as time melted away in your arms. I need to learn, I need to dream, I need to leave behind words that prove that I exist. And only then can I calm down and ease the burning fire of my extinction a little bit in myself. I desire to be someone who touches their heart, who caresses their soul, who understands them even if I am dead, rather than someone who the next generation after me has never known, who can be nothing.

As long as I live, I will create and destroy lives, characters. Each of my stories will have a quality, a teaching. When I finish my novel, The Book of nothingness, which is almost finished, the people of the past times, if they are watching from somewhere, will be able to say to me, bless me. They will be able to say the new heir of our labor, our struggle, the new emperor of our meaningful, dignified life effort. The new emperor, who did not spend his life with empty things, who served for the whole world, who was unselfish, who managed to get out of there whenever he fell into despair, who instilled respect and love in every living thing, sat on his throne, the throne remained empty, they could say that it did not become ashes in time...

It is an empire of mind, heart and heart. I will be their servant, not their master. That's what I call the emperor. I believe that in the centuries to come, people will be much more alone and live life more meaningfully. He will know himself, understand the world and living things, and see how short time is, and work for a more dignified, more meaningful life. For them to realize, for a more respectable world, I give my crowd to death. And I live in solitude.

Social people can't reach all these things, or reach them too late, so after that they're hardly useless. But it is not so much to live for an ideal, a purpose.

What we are, what we are not, how we exist, what we should do, how we should live, how we should behave, we should learn everything. We must taste every pleasure that does no harm to anyone, we must adopt the principle of sharing, we must not exercise our rights. There is no dictator, no tyrant king, no rich man to be immortal. We must not be afraid, we must not be intimidated, we must take what is ours. We need to raise awareness of ourselves and our environment. We should also share information. We should all sing songs, sing songs, sing poems out loud. Art is the only thing that reminds people that they are human. Art is the only thing that represents peace, honor and Justice. We must value art seriously, as it does science and living things.

I want to write a poem now as I finish my sentences;

"My butterflies are gone, I don't know where,
I beg you, don't go where I don't know,
How long have my days gone by without you, I don't know where,
I cry from the inside out, that you come back to me.

I stayed without you in my most beautiful times
I cried inside when I should have laughed
I lost myself, my way, I'm surprised
I'll wait and beg you to come.

My butterflies are gone, I don't know where,
I beg you, don't go where I don't know..."

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