Plagiarism (For Ajs)

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

One thing that's worse than communism
is known to us as plagiarism.
It always seems that some will take
from others their own birthday cake.
In poetry the theft of work
shows traces of a low-life jerk.
The answer, as it's always been,
is the old-fashioned guillotine.

Comments about Plagiarism (For Ajs)

herbert my old buddy its' kind of you to understand my feelings on the matter but i have to confess the young man did email me and explain he was only trying to show my work to the world my understanding about sex intrigued him to the extent that he completly forgot to put my name at the bottom and because i am a saint of a man i forgave him and i hope that he gains heaps of experience with the gentler sex and he can write a poem about having sex himself and use the same raunchy phrases and wild abandon in his verse as well By the way nice write AJS
Hmmm...seems the noble 'wordpecker' has discovered and injustice of sorts? L

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