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Plain English
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Plain English

Poem By AHO Speaks

If we have little or no raionale human conscious thought
Our sense's primarily from basic instincts and an empty mind, is all we got.

Energy and thought our driving and living force
Seeds out of the universe for our soul of course.

Chemicals and matter our universal constructs
So also we go along with the longevity of time, given to each of us.

By our actions and use of our time
Those of intent are recorded inside the human mind.

Man cannot fully understand but needs only to be aware
Women denied, have an equal role; to contribute and share.

The will of God and its universal energy can never be fully understood
Man is singular and his track record has not been very good.

The universal creator one who bought forth the stars and more than one
Gave earth its humanity, beginning with both a daughter and a son.

Was man selected and put in charge or did he just evolve
Seldom asked women for their help, for only his ego god could solve.

The question must be asked why are women silent for their role is more than one
Certainly their souls were created by the same God who gave us our earthly sun.

Man's earthly thoughts can never exceed his vision
Nor should he fear difference for that may be an evil decision.

The creator only gives for all humanity to receive
Not as a single gender, for only one choice; may also deceive.

Mankind has received discovery according to an earthly time
It has been a male decision to give it purpose and also to define.

Is discovery found only in nature and knowledge from man's thought
Humanity is not singular and we should learn to use; everything we got.

11-14-05 Aho Speaks

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