LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Plain Paper

Just a simple piece of paper
Lying naked on the floor,
It had so much potential
To turn into something more;
Completely void of color,
Completely void of lines,
An empty artist's canvas
Waiting for a poet's rhyme;
A chance to tell a story,
A chance to make you smile,
Pretty words upon the paper
Make it famous for awhile;
Just a simple piece of paper
Like a garden set to bloom
With a little bit of nurturing
Fed by a poet's plume;
Sad and lonely piece of paper
Lying naked on the floor,
I'll cover you with words
And turn you into so much more.

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Comments (2)

There's a world of possibility in any piece of paper that comes into your hand Linda. This is another example that proves it. Who else would have thought of turning a piece of paper into an inspirational and evocative piece of poetry? You're a devious and ingenious poetess! ! xxx jim
LINDA....The HITS just keep a comin' with you...Another clever, stellar Write... Did you know that sincr your recent paraxysm of Literary Artistry, that stock in The BIC co.has catapulted 75%? lol....great penning... '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK