Love Fantasy

In the world of love only you and I,
Our love was admired by the stars in the sky.
I was standing there with my open hands,
You were running to hug me, crossing the great lands
Your walk was like music, in a quite midnight,
And you were like an angel in the spotting moonlight
Cold breeze was getting hot by crossing your gown,
In respect of you beauty my conscious bow down
Time just stopped, to let us free,
My eyes was on you and heart goanna freeze
Frozen heart was loving you but eyes feeling shy,
In the world of love only you and I ……………

by Pamaljeet Sidhu

Comments (2)

There's a world of possibility in any piece of paper that comes into your hand Linda. This is another example that proves it. Who else would have thought of turning a piece of paper into an inspirational and evocative piece of poetry? You're a devious and ingenious poetess! ! xxx jim
LINDA....The HITS just keep a comin' with you...Another clever, stellar Write... Did you know that sincr your recent paraxysm of Literary Artistry, that stock in The BIC co.has catapulted 75%? lol....great penning... '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK