Planted In A Row

Here lies three Howard's, all planted in a row,
And soon we'll add a Floyd, I want ya'll to know;

They're either fat or thin and some are in between,
Yet, when they were still alive, they caused the biggest scene;

See how all their lives, to here's been brought?
Just take a look at all the weeds, is that now what they've got?

Well, for those already laying here, now planted in a row,
Weeds care not upon who it is, when weeds come to grow;

Soon enough we'll also have, a Bonnie added too,
It's sad to think that upon her, the weeds won't be just few!

And when we add a Tony there,
Weeds that be, they'll share;

We'll eventually even plant here, a very special Rose,
A Rose that will always be, for those of you who knows;

Tony Avila Sampson

Copyright ©2006 Tony Avila Sampson

by Tony Avila Sampson

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