I Love Being Unavailable

So last week, it all started from that office terrace,
at around 4 pm. (tea-break yeah)

While fingers playing around with its sleek body
Sipping not-so-hot tea
Gorging on cafeteria maggi
And busy tweeting, RT-ing, replying, checking FB updates.

All of sudden, it slipped off
Tried to grab it
But, it (oops) gone..

It managed to slip from my grip (sigh)
Very next moment, memories attached to it are ‘there’.
Thirteen floors down.
There on the ground.

Shattered. In bits & pieces. (might ran over by some skoda or some such)
My cellphone! !

And for 'exact' three dayz
I was a wanderer without a 'hello, where are you' string.
There were no more,
battery connectivity/low battery/network issues.

In between, to get a feel, how it feels,
I dialed the number.
Just to hear, ‘the Vodafone number I am trying to reach is currently unavailable’! ! (weird i know, but all fun)

Now, there were nothing but just 'me'
& the surroundings.

Then I realized, there were 8 stations in between of the track, I use.

Realized there is a beautiful locality park,
With kids still playing 'gulli danda'.

Realized, the gurudwara nearby is now all renovated,
And started looking like a groom-celebrating-his-25th wedding anniversary.

Realized, what I was missing
I didn't notice all these.
Coz with 'cellphone' in hand
I was always busy texting/tweeting/checking FB updates! !

So, wasn't I liking it?
Yes, I loved it. Loved being 'unavailable'
For I love to wander with 'no strings attached'! !

by Lata S Singh

Comments (3)

Joana, poetry makes for great confessions... excellent write! ! Brian
It's a nice poem and clearly expresses the pain that perhaps we have all felt at some time or the other in our lives on not being able to possess the objects we think we need. But then, as you yourself admitted in your poem 'Song of Life, ' Life is the best teacher, and it teaches us to accept the fact that it is not possible to possess everything we desire. Yes, you did the right thing to renounce, to give up. But true renunciation means to be absolutely passionfree in thought, speech, and action; to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion.
very good Joana, Indian sensitivity comes out through your poem