Platonic Love.

I still remember the evening we first met,
my heart missed a beat as he began to speak.
By his charm and radiance I was truely enchanted,
my heart wanted to confess but I was too meek.

We became friends and shared our views,
and nearer to him I seemed to drew.
'Crush' said many and forgot it in laughs,
'True Love it was' believed only a few.

Everything was perfect but gray clouds soon gathered,
when on the 'doomsday' I found he loved this girl.
He asked for my opinion as I stood there shattered,
I tried my best but my heart began to swell.

I loved him, I loved him
but I had to let him go.
I renounced my happiness, my world for him,
'True Love it was' let the world now know.

Joana Bluementhal.

by joana bluementhal

Comments (3)

Joana, poetry makes for great confessions... excellent write! ! Brian
It's a nice poem and clearly expresses the pain that perhaps we have all felt at some time or the other in our lives on not being able to possess the objects we think we need. But then, as you yourself admitted in your poem 'Song of Life, ' Life is the best teacher, and it teaches us to accept the fact that it is not possible to possess everything we desire. Yes, you did the right thing to renounce, to give up. But true renunciation means to be absolutely passionfree in thought, speech, and action; to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion.
very good Joana, Indian sensitivity comes out through your poem