Start Over Life?

Why can't I start over?
Why can't I wish upon a star,
or get luck from a four-leaf clover?
I believe there is a greater entity out there,
but sometimes I find my heart in despair.

I lose all hope of coming back to life and reality.
If only I could spill my guts to someone...
Then maybe they would see.
But alas, I am too afraid.
What if the one I tell goes around and parades
my private, inner me to the world,
as if they'd found the cure for cancer.

Am I making sense?
Maybe not,
but it is how I feel.
I am sorry, I try very hard to appeal.
With what you make of this writing,
do as you please.
Unlike writing tales,
Life does not come with an eraser.
Do not give up even when all else fails.
You live and you learn, but remember...
You're writing your life in pen.

by Pandora E..

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