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Poem By Francis Santaquilani

The pleasure was never mine,

My near friend. But

You, apparently,

Walked away with a bucket full of it.

My pond hasn't reflected the same

Since you came. I see myself first now,

And the sun and stars fall far away.

You jumbled my universe

Then sat down for a bag lunch.

Now I'm pot luck,

A mish mash, a hodgepodge,

A freak, a mix-up,

'What a discovery! '

'Wait until they see this! '

You're quite a storyteller.

Clever how you wrote it in your book,

' Out of the last second of the sixth day

The platypus broke the surface of some

Placid pool, in a place where stars

Are plenty and questions are few.'

Quite a legend.

But I want my eggs back!

And the ones that never made it into your bucket,

Oh, that terrible, terrible,

Terrible crunch.

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