Play It Safe

Play it safe.
If you don't want things too complicated,
By words you speak that may escalate...
To offend naysayers waiting to berate,
Every move or decision you make...
Play it safe.

Play it safe.
And if you choose to do this,
Don't hesitate.
Or let anything you happen to hear,
Appear to irritate you into needless debate
Just to lure you to expose impatience.

Play it safe.
Refuse to use excuses to indicate,
To those detractors...
It's okay to re-route your path.
And direction of your fate.
Play it safe.

If you must correct with a slower pace...
By coming face-to-face to eliminate,
Accusations made...
With a breaking away.
Do it...
Before you find the time is late.
Play it safe!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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