Play Me For A Fool You May

Play me for a fool you may.
To inflict a public stumbling fall.
I am not that weak to sit still and weep!
Or complain that my knees
Scrap from a toilful crawl.

Slander, backstab, defame with games.
Laugh if you must if this is your aim.
Make sure my friends and family see me shamed.
But I've learned to get up,
From any ditch trenched by those gutless...
Satisfied to whine on their shiftless butts!

Play me for a fool you may.
Tell others who demean,
I am wallowing in dismay!
During my struggles seen...
I may be in complete disarray.

But one day you will see,
Me erect and standing tall.
As conflict upon conflict...
Comes to visit you afterall.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

the greatest erection of all....yes you may lawrence, with your iron guts.
I like the message that comes across!