Play The Fool

Any attempts someone makes,
To eliminate the fate to face...
What God intends for one done,
To achieve.
Yet believed by others wishing,
They've been bestowed to have...
Influence over what is or is not,
To be experienced to receive.
Would not make much,
Of a noticeable difference...
To the ones dumbed down.
And have long stopped,
Thinking to pay attention.

Who is keeping 'whom' from what?
And why for the purpose?
Or reason? '

-The ones dumber,
Than those they've dumbed down.
Although the doing,
They perceive leaves them...
To benefit from it.-

'How? '

Never publicly display,
You have that kind...
Of intelligence.
To keep asking questions.
An active and wondering mind,
Is easily suspect as a threat.-

What should I do? '

-Play the fool.
At least you won't be accused,
Or blamed for making...
Stupid decisions.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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