I thought he like me; But that wasn't true.
He said all the things he knew woman wanted their man to do.

Calling Non-Stop;
Putting those sweet thoughts in my ear.
With a man like this; I knew I had nothing to fear.

My heart filled with excitement.
When he asked me to be his girl.
He knew those were the words I wanted to hear more than anthing in the world.

In the back seat of his car!
His manhood felt so true.
There won't be anything for this man I won't do.

Three weeks gone by!
No call in a few.
Why did I give up the punanie
Knowing men only want to screw.

Laying comfortably on a pillow of his deception.
God is my witness; Never again will a player get my affection.

I got played. This much is true.
Just a lesson in life of what players do!

by Christina E. Brown

Comments (2)

I love this poem! I don't think any female has not been hurt by a guy who thinks he's 'all that.' I love the strength in this poem too. It was really cleverly written. Keep writting: -) too? i hate guys for that! try reading my poem 'A message for ya'll so-called 'PIMPS'' its about those losers!