Played The Fool

You spoke the words so sweet. You told me of a love so real and so deep. You took me by the hand and showed me the light.

I belived your words. I opened myself up to you and showed you all of me. We talked of dreams we would share.You made me see parts of myself I never dreamed I'd see.

Through it all I never knew you were just playing me for the fool!

I loved you so and gave you almost my soul and still you tried to play me for the fool.

Then I watched you walk away and with you went my heart. I stood alone and watched as you slowly ripped me apart.

You had broke every promise you had ever made. Our love, our dreams, the plans we had made, they all were just part of this game you played.

You played me for the fool and now here I stand all alone..

by Lisa Rojo

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