Played To Be Placated

It is not easy,
To buckle in and hush up.
It is not easy,
To buckle up and hush.

Riding the wave,
Of gross inducing travesties.
Can not go unnoticed,
When a doing is meant to provoke.
Riding this wave,
Has left many feeling...
Both betrayed and Sun stroked.
Themselves to be thought the joke.
And played to be placated.
By those folks they picked,
To dupe them to trick.
Twist their minds and laugh about it.

Buckle up and hush.
This ride to want,
Was the one many wished.
To believe it would be,
Others tossed about.
And not themselves to grieve.

Buckle in and hush up the fuss.
Too late it is to be disgusted.
Since indifference and division to pick,
Had been applauded when suggested...
It would be 'them and they',
Left behind in the dust.
But certainly not the 'us' of 'you'...
Played to be placated.
And chosen to be used...
To demonstrate how fools are made.

Buckle up.
And enjoy the ride.
With closed eyes but denied to want.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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