NK (05/23/72 / Germany)


Hi, my name is Bert
My goal is only to hurt
I don't care about you
or what you've been through
I just want you to feel like dirt

Hi, my name is Sam
To destroy you, is my plan
I'll massage your heart
then rip it apart
I do this because I can

Hi, my name is Dave
Your body is all that I crave
When I'm through with it
It's time to split
Don't expect me to turn back and wave

Hi, my name is John
I'm a regular Don Juan
I'll mess with your head
just to get you in bed
But, when you wake, in the morning, I'm gone

Hi, my name is Bill
I take advantage, of you, at will
I get into your soul
Make you lose control
Then move on to my next kill

These players we've all had to meet
They've fooled us with lies and deceit
They play hurtful games
and leave us in pain
Then, move on to the next heart to cheat

So, don't be so quick to trust
Make sure it's Love, not Lust
Try not to be blind
and keep in mind
protecting your heart is a must

by Natascha Krause

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A mixed limerick! Very well done. Yes, hi there, my name is Ed. I'm happy that now we have met. I so do like to flirt you soon out of your skirt and make love to you in your own bed. But in case you think me fly-by-night, that I'd take you for only one ride, you must trust not your mind but your heart, and will find it will lead and advise you right. Oh, sorry, my true name is Ray, I love you and do want to stay. You can trust me now, look I'm a wide open book. I am loyal and pray and don't stray. Natasha you did a very nice job. I love talent when I see it. H