Playing Dodge Ball As If Children

I fought petty wars for you.
Wars you never knew,
That came close to you.
I nipped them in the bud!
That's how petty they grew.
And you are the first prepared,
To do the things to me you do?
You may have plots to go into mindless battle...
But watch who you do that with!
And be mindful of who you choose to screw.
Just to get to me!
Because of accusations you chose to use,
As an excuse.
While you give them enough fuel...
To destroy everything about you.
And as I have learned my lessons from the past...
Playing dodge ball as if children,
On a mine field of those playing hide and seek...
Is extremely dangerous.
Especially for those who age!
With a forgiveness expected...
But none coming forth to last!
Not to praise after such a degrading.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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