NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Playing Dot To Dot With The Stars,

as a child,
when the sky at night,
seemed more clear,
i would, with my chocolate.
smelling fingers,
play dot to dot with the stars,
at night,
the is sky less bright,
i play find a star,
from within the smog.
Was the sky more clear back then,
or was my imigination less suppressed.
Sometimes i watch my kids,
frolicking for hours with water,
at times i want to sumberge myself,
in the watery delight of there fun,
but then i find myself thinking,
of the water bill.

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Comments (1)

Really liked the poem and the desire to live in playful and peaceful world with the conclusion of reality. As a child...I always said the poem to the first star I had seen...'Hope' I may... 'Hope' I might...until the end, because I worried if I said wish...I already used it up. Thanks for the opportunity to reminice. :)